CRH Physicians were wowed after an unexpected participation to the zumba competition during the Hospital Week 2016.
Everyone who watched the zumba contest during the opening of the Hospital Week Celebration was pleased to see the doctors dancing and grinding. It is not every day that we see these doctors on the dance floor. We usually see them hurrying up to finish their tasks for the day, doing rounds and all sorts of human medical management. This time, they had their break from all these routines, took time to practice and viola, a dance masterpiece.

I am a living witness as to how this participation materialized as I was encouraged to join. During the medical staff meeting, Dr. Voltaire Valenzuela, the team leader, initiated the medical staffs’ attendance to the contest. Gladly, several doctors agreed to join, and take note, male doctors were more excited. For the record, the group dedicated only four (4) sessions of dance practice. On the first day of practice, not all listed participants showed up yet all who were present gave their best shot to learn the steps. So impressive that it seemed for the steps easy to be executed and of course, since these people have studied for such a long time to earn their degrees, they hyped easily memorized the rhythmic strides. Second day, new faces arrived; all still hyped to do the zumba dance. It was then when the costumes for the contest were decided upon. Third dance set, some more new faces joined, very eager to learn and join the fun. Finally, on the fouth day, the last member of the group, called up if he could still join. This was the time when the group finally had a complete attendance for the blocking at the covered court where the contest will be held.

On the presentation day, we were dolled up by some amusing paint on our faces. It was one creative craft that made the medical team stood out more. This plus the presentation itself made our team land at the second spot.

All in all, this experience of seeing physicians dancing together should definitely have another round. According to them, instead of jogging it up, why not do the zumba. It’s like exercising while having fun.

–Lyn Mei G. Dela Cruz