In a festive manner, Caraga Regional Hospital celebrated Hospital Week 2016 last August 8-12, 2016, held at the hospital covered court behind the Blood Bank. Six (6) teams were formed to display the competitiveness of the Caraga Regional Hospital employees; Admin 1, composed of the SAO and Engineering section; Admin 2, from the Billing section, Budget Office, Cash section, Personnel Office, Procurement section, Supply Office, and ISO-DCU; Nursing 1, from Surgical ward, Operating Room, OB ward, Gyne ward, Pediatric ward, Delivery Room, Labor room, and Emerging Infectious Disease ward; Nursing 2, from Payward, Medical ward, Emergency room, Out-Patient Department, Central Supply Room, Intensive Care Unit; CMPS 1, the Medical Team; and CMPS 2, the Ancillary team.

The first competition, the Zumba Competition, surely shook the dance floor. The team that impressed the judges the most, the Nursing 2, won the 1st place; CMPS 2 at 2nd place; Admin 2 at 3rd place; CMPS 2 at 4th place; Nursing 1 at 5th place; and Admin 1 at 6th place.

The next contest determined whose beauty stood out above the rest, The Best Muse. It was tough to tell who was best, since all were a sight to behold, but the judges came to a decision. Crowned as The Best Muse was Ms. Clarisse Marie Literato from Nursing 1. At 2nd place was Ms. Jenelyn Dalangin, from Admin 2; at 3rd place was Ms. Ruby Amoncio, from Nursing 2; at 4th place was Ivan Rich Gealogo, from CMPS 2; at 5th place was Dr. Lydia Sunico, from CMPS 1; and at 6th place was Ms. Juanita del Castillo, from Admin 1.

Other contests tested each team’s wit and competitiveness; Longest Line, Sack Race, Shoot Me In, Egg Catching, Limbo, Face D’Cookie, ATM with CRH, and Balloon Centipede.
In the end, Admin 2 was hailed as Hospital Week 2016 Champion, followed by CMPS 2, the 1st Runner-up; Nursing 2, the 2nd Runner-up; Admin 1, the 3rd Runner-up; Nursing 1, the 4th Runner-up; and CMPS 1, 5th Runner-up.

Who will be the next year’s champs? We’ll have to wait and see.

—Johndolph A. Lancin