Time is a special commodity that many of us are hoping we should have forever. It is precious and it is rare and sometimes we commit our life to time that we render in whenever our passion takes us. In our life, we do a lot, we give, we share, we care, we devote, we spend, all of our life we put our passion in and that is why we develop commitment. Commitment is the bind that ties all the success and failures that we have in this life. And whatever endeavours we may achieve or we don’t, commitment is the one who plays a big part in it.

Caraga Regional Hospital a service institution in Surigao Del Norte has always prided itself in recognizing the efforts of their employees. A historical figure in the city, this health institution had withstand the test of time, springing from successes to failure, change to adaption and now here it is. The heart and soul of a city in growth and action driven by committed people who risk life and limb, sacrificing everything in better health service for sick fellow brethren’s. Committed People, a term familiar to our minds. So basically how do we measure commitment in each and everyone of us? The answer is years of service and results.

Therefore in culmination of the 2016 Department of Health, National Hospital Week Celebration Caraga Regional Hospital had their “Gabi ng Parangal” last August 12, 2016, held at the Philippine Gateway Hotel. It was a night full of smiles, sharing and camaraderie as most of the hospital employees converged to celebrate the many years our loyal employees of Caraga Regional Hospital. These employees who had been serving CRH for more than twenty years and above were given recognition to be honoured and emulated by all.

As the awardees were called one by one, the employees looking up to them, they could not help but look with amazement as they try to think of the future that they may have a chance to become like the loyal awardees. Truth to be told, twenty years and above is alike but nothing compares to the forty two years Mrs. Peregrina Villanueva has rendered as CRH as a member of the Cashier Department. Mam Gren is a legacy to the Caraga Regional Hospital family, she has devoted most of her life in servitude not only to the institution but to the whole Surigaonons who are much in need of better health services every day. Yes, that is life. It is evolving and ever changing, that it may be we as the people who live it must also continue to adapt and change with it. That way if we do we can also achieve our own semblance of happiness in any way that we can attain it. Commitment demands passion and again if you are only passionate in what you do then you can do anything. Congratulations to all the awardees, and thank you for the great honor you bring to Caraga Regional Hospital.

—Lyn Mei G. Dela Cruz